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Take a look at the programs listed below and let us know if there is something we are missing!!  
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Children's Sports Programs
LITTLE KICKERS SOCCER - Thursdays at 3:45pm.  Year Round!!
Please see for info on programs

Mondays & Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm
Contact  [email protected] for more details.  Season will start back up on Monday, September 10th.  

ASSAI (After School Sports & Arts Initiative) Programs
The Initiative’s programs aim to help students develop skills that contribute to a healthy life through creative thinking and physical activity.  At the same time, students develop confidence in their abilities and a stronger connection to their schools, classmates, program leaders and community
These programs are FREE due to funding we receive. 
Programs starts right after school and pick-up is at various times.   The children will receive a nutricious snack right after school. 
Pacific Sports Program - various sports are learned about & taught.
8 Fridays 2-4pm starting Oct. 12 (no class on Oct.19,Nov.30)
     4 weeks for Kindergarten - Grade 2   Oct 12, 26, Nov.2,9
     4 weeks for Gr. 3-5    Nov. 16, 23, Dec. 7, 14

Children's Arts & Educational Programs

"Cue to Cue" Acting Outright Theater Class
Students in Grade 1-8  /  Cost is $50 per student
9 Mondays starting Sept. 24 / 2:30-4:30pm 
(no class on Oct. 8, Nov. 12).
Final Production Night on Tuesday Dec. 4th at 6:30pm.
Adventures in creativity and imagination abound on the stage with costumes, props, hats, mime, theater games and role play;  a safe and fund environment to learn about the ins and outs of theater and performing.  The season ends with a small performance for family & friends.

iLearning Video Game Design 2D: Basics Class
Ages 8-10yrs  /  Cost $85
5 Wednesdays starting on Oct. 24th from 2:30-4pm
 (no class on Oct. 31)
Ever imagine creating your own video game?  Step into the role of a game designed and turn your imagination into reality.  Learn how to create a basic 2D adventure platform game using Game Maker 8.1.  By the end of this program you will have a game to take home and show your friends and family.  No experience required.  SPACES ARE LIMITED.

RED CROSS Babysitting Course
Saturday, November 10th from 9am-5pm  /  Cost $45
This is a great program for those children 11yrs & older who think they are ready to start babysitting.  They will receive very basic first aid, safety procedures, and child minding techniques.  
The fee includes a small manual and wallet size certificate.

July 16-20 (Mon-Fri)   Fraser Valley Rhytmic Gymnastics
4-12yr olds  9:30-11:45am   This is a great class for little & biggies to work on rhythm & motion on floor activities.  When they aren't in the gym, there will be a supervised craft time.  
     4-6yr olds  9:30-10:30am  Gym  /  10:45-11:45am  Crafting
     7-12yr olds  9:30-10:30am  Crafting  /  10:45-11:45am  Gym
Cost is $55 / child.

July 30-August 3 (Mon-Fri) Tennis XL Camp
1-4pm for children 5-12yrs old.  Do you have a child interested in tennis or wanting to maybe practice a bit more?  Then here is a great program.
Cost is $145 / student which includes a racket & t-shirt.

August 7-10 (Tues-Fri) Art Class with John LeFlock
This is a great class for all levels to try out and use different artist mediums - pencils, paints, canvas, charcoal, etc.
     4-6yr olds  9:30-10:30am  Cost is $35 / child  CLASS IS FULL
     7-12yr olds  10:45-12:15pm  Cost is $40 / child
If you have children in both age groups, there will be child minding when they aren't in Art Class.

August 13-17 (Mon-Fri)  iLearning Summer Camps
7-9yrs olds  9am-12noon  LEGO Robotics & Science Camp
-  Come and explore the world of science & technology.  Participants will team up and challenge different science and robotic projects every day.  Uncover the mysteries of science by creating goey worms, silly putty, fake snow and more and they will have something awesome to take home every day.  Also, use the LEGO 2.0 kkids to build and program various robotic projects.  No experience necessary.  There will be breaks with fund & games.  
8-10yr olds  1-4pm  Games DEsign 2D Camp
-  Ever imagine creating your own video game?  Step into the role of video game designer and turn your imagination into reality!  Learn how to design, deveope and program a multi-level 2D adventure platform game using Game Maker 8.1.  Must be able to focus for long periods of time and follow commands on the computer.  
Each course is $90 / student.  
If you have an 8-9yr old who wants to attend both classes, the cost would be $170 for both and your child would need to bring a lunch.

August 20-24 (Mon-Fri)  "The Great Pretenders" 
Acting Camp
Kindergarten - Grade 9.  10am-2pm   Cost is $85 / student.
Children take a journey in the fantasy world as they use their imagination on stage with costumes, props, puppet making, theatre games and role play.  Learning the basics of theatre performance while building confidence, self esteem and team work!  You will nee to bring a bag lunch.

If you have any questions or to register, contact the GECSS Office.  Spaces are limited in each program.  
REGISTRATION DEADLINES end 1 week prior to program start date.
Youth & Adult Programs
 Thursday's @ 7 pm. Relax, stretch out and find your inner-calm. Register with Dee @ 604.791.0387. 
$10 / Prepaid sessions  OR $12 for Drop In!  

We are very excited to have a local chapter of our Chilliwack Rhythym Reelers back with us again in the Fall with their Beginners Square Dance Class!!
They meet on Thursdays, 7-9pm.  Season begins on Jan. 3/19.
 "Basic & Mainstream Square Dancing" -  $5.00 per night. 
 For more information phone Steve Armstrong 604-769-0100.

Bio of our instructor - My name is Andrea Lees and I love fitness, the outdoors, mountains, and food.  I am a BCRPA fitness leader and am truly passionate about living life to its fullest.  I enjoy helping people reach their fullest potential in their fitness and lifestyle goals and I believe in training to become stronger each and everyday. 
Wednesday MORNINGS from 5:50-6:40am
Wednesday is all about engaging and strengthening our core muscles.  This non-aerobic class will focus on core stabilization while working through a series of movement exercises.  Core Conditioning goes beyond sit ups and crunches as it engages all the muscles of your torso, involving muscles that stabilize your shoulders, pelvis and spine.  Strengthening your core muscles will help your body move properly in everyday movements and during exercise.
CORE CONDITIONING is offered in 5 wk sets and the first set starts on Wednesday Sept. 19th in the gym.  
2nd Set will start on Oct. 24th.
Maximum Participants - 8 / Minimum Participants - 5
5 week session is $60 

HIIT Classes
Monday & Friday MORNINGS from 6-6:40am
Come out & join us for a fast paced total body workout to start your day off right!  HIIT (high intensity interval training) involves quick intense bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods and has been proven to burn calories, build lean muscle, lose fat, improve heart health and increase cardio efficiency.
Classes are offered in 4 week blocks (Mon. & Fri. Mornings).
1st Set starts Sept. 10th / 2nd Set starts Oct. 15th / 
3rd Set starts Nov. 12th.
Maximum Participants - 12 / Minimum Participants - 5
Each Set of HIIT (8 classes) is $90.
Please bring a water bottle & towel.

Strength Training 
Tuesday Evenings at 6pm
Barbells, dumbbells and calisthenics will be the name of the game in this individualized strength program.  Building functional strength is the main focus for this small group fitness class.  Due to the individual instruction & training given along with the priority of proper lifting techniques, posture and mind to muscle control, this class is limited to a max of 5 participants.  Together we will track and chart progress each week.  Some training and stretching throughout the week at home will be encouraged to increase success, results and aid in muscle recovery.
Maximum Participants - 5 / Minimum Participants - 3
1st 5 week session starts on Sept. 11.
Cost is $85.

You MUST register through the GECSS Office for 
ALL programs & classes that are offered.
Methods of Payment - CASH / CHEQUE / E-TRANSFER

Greendale Community Potluck Block Party
Friday, Sept. 7th at 5pm
Dinner at 5:30pm
with SPECIAL GUEST The Great Gordini Magician (630-730pm)!
EVERYONE is invited to attend!  Bring your family & friends!
PLEASE BRING:  a potluck casserole/crockpot meal to share along with a salad and/or dessert.  Bring your lawnchairs and picnic blankets as well.  This event will happen rain or shine!  Hope to see you there!

For more information about our courses and registrations, contact the Coordinator at  
604.823.7281 or email [email protected]
Please leave a detailed message.

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