Greendale Elementary Community School Society - GECSS Board
Greendale Elementary Community School Society - Bringing community programs and events closer to home
Our Board Needs YOU!

If you would like to become involved with 
the GECSS Board of Directorssimply come to any of our meetings.We hope to see you there!
Our next GECSS Community Board Meeting will be on 
Tuesday, June 19 at 6:15pm in school library.
All meetings held in the school library 
unless otherwise indicated.

Here is the list of meeting dates for the school year:

 For a copy of the GECSS Meeting Minutes
please send request to the Programs Coordinator at [email protected]
 Board Members
Amanda Bosma - President
Michelle Dick - Vice President
David Wellingham - Principal (non-voting member)
Jen Frose - Coordinator (voting member)
Mayra Frose - Assistant Coordinator (non-voting member)
Christal Tonn - Treasurer
Jen Frose - Secretary
Daniela Peters - PAC Representative
Bonnie Pankratz - voting member
Michael Broekhuizen - voting member

Incorporated in July 2011.
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